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Video Roll: Can The Scion FR-S Drift?
Posted by Will on 12/15/2011 to Video Roll
Scion's drifter Ken Gushi take the FR-S for a spin and let's us know if it can drift...

Toyota Unveils The GT 86
Posted by Will on 11/28/2011 to Pride Performance News

This past weekend, Toyota finally revealed its production version of its FT-86 concept. Now called the GT 86, we get to see what made its way from the initial concept.
Video Roll: Nissan Juke-R
Posted by Will on 11/9/2011 to Video Roll

Follow Nissan on their quest of combining their Juke with the GT-R. Make sure to click next episode on the bottom right of the video to continue onto the next episode. We're excited to see how this project turns out. Will this ever make production?.. Probably not but we'd like to hope so. Thoughts?
Pride Build: Carbon R Project
Posted by Will on 11/8/2011 to Pride Performance Builds

A joint venture project between Pride Performance and Robot Racing, bringing their knowledge and experience together to manufacture superb top quality carbon fiber parts.  Using military grade carbon fiber with ZERO fiberglass, our goal is to shave as much weight as possible from a standard R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R while improving structural rigidity and performance. The complete exterior shell; including the roof, pillars, panels, fenders and bumpers will be made from carbon fiber. Our Carbon R demo car will be the pinnacle display of the services we offer here at Pride Performance for street cars to full fledged race cars. All aero parts made for the Carbon R Project will be available for purchase. Stay tuned for updates as we progress with this build. Please contact us for more information on the build or products.
Video Roll: Nissan Unveils Its New Version of the GT-R
Posted by Will on 11/7/2011 to Video Roll

Nissan unveils its new GT-R

Video Roll: JDM Drifter's Misadventure
Posted by Will on 11/5/2011 to Video Roll

Usually when we watch drift videos from Japan land, we awe in their crazy skills. This time we visit the opposite end of the spectrum with this JDM grassroots drifter. We join him on his misadventure around Fuji Speedway's Short Course. Make sure you read the subtitles! 
Pride Performance Visits V.I.R. For H.I.N. Remix Car Show
Posted by Will on 10/15/2011 to Pride Performance Events

Check out our trip down to Virginia International Raceway for the Hot Import Nights Remix car show
Video Roll: Why Buy Authentic Products?
Posted by Will on 9/22/2011 to Video Roll

It's easy to fall prey to fake products due to their cost. Is saving a few bucks worth putting your life at stake? Check out this fat guy bending a replica Nardi steering wheel!
Video Roll: World's Greatest Drag Race
Posted by Will on 9/12/2011 to Video Roll
Source: YouTube
Video Roll: Classic Jeremy Clarkson & Tsuchiya In Japan Land
Posted by Will on 8/27/2011 to Video Roll
Here on the North Eastern coast of the United States, we've been extradited to our homes as we await the wrath of hurricane Irene. While that windbag wastes our weekend, here's a little something to kill some time. Check out Jezza's 90's fro and a super nerdy young Tsuchiya.


Hot Version Is Back!
Posted by Will on 8/15/2011 to Pride Performance News
Hot Version is back!
Cyber Evo Wins World Time Attack 2nd Year In A Row
Posted by Will on 8/6/2011 to Pride Performance Motorsports
Tarzan Yamada Holding The 1st Place Trophy Rightfully Proud

The World Time Attack 1st place trophy is won again by defending champion, Cyber Evo's Mitsubishi Evolution, driven by Tarzan Yamada. Pushing the Evolution to a 1:28.8510 lap time. The winning time bested last year's by almost 2 seconds! Taking out Sierra Sierra Enterprise's Mitsubishi Evolution by a mere 0:00.1730!
Formula 1 Coming To NJ?
Posted by Will on 8/3/2011 to Pride Performance Motorsports
Is Formula One coming to New Jersey with a NYC view?
New Products From Tomei
Posted by Will on 8/2/2011 to Pride Performance News

Check out the latest products from Tomei with their digitally printed magazine. Contact us for availability and great pricing!

Link: http://www.tomeiusa.com/webcatalogus/index.aspx?p=1

Adobe Flash is required to view the link
Video Roll: Ebisu Circuit : RUN THE WALL
Posted by Will on 7/21/2011 to Video Roll

Ebisu Circuit : RUN THE WALL from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Crazy Japanese Grassroots Drifters Going All Out At The Drift Paradise

Intro Sale For Greddy's New Racing Sport Exhaust
Posted by Will on 6/20/2011 to Pride Performance News

Introducing GReddy's newest exhaust. This will be replacing the Racing/Turbo Ti-C and Spectrum Elite exhausts. 
Porsche Daytona Prototype Car Visits Pride Performance
Posted by Will on 6/7/2011 to Pride Performance Motorsports

Meeting a celebrity is certainly a unique experience. You see them all the time in movies, TV, magazines, etc and grow a familiarity with their being. The moment you meet one in person, that experience changes. You're graced with their presence and thrown back by their energy. The same goes when being graced by a full blown race car.

Video Roll: Low Clearance Woes - Presidential Edition
Posted by Will on 5/23/2011 to Video Roll
Driving a lowered car looks awesome but can sometimes get frustrating. Dodging every little crack in the road takes practice and precision. Going over speed bumps, entering/exiting driveways and lots takes great patience. Getting annoyed that your car can't even get an alignment because it gets caught on the rack. Then having to go crazy sourcing a shop with a flat rack. The worst is the cringing from that nasty gut feeling trying avoid hearing that dreaded SCRAPEEE.  

Now President Obama has a taste of the low-life. Crack a laugh at this clip of the Pres' limo getting caught trying to leave the U.S. embassy in Dublin, Ireland.

Video Roll: The Final Best Motoring Battle
Posted by Will on 5/18/2011 to Video Roll

As we reported, Best Motoring and Hot Version have officially been cut. Here is the last ever battle of the famous Japanese motoring show. Enjoy.
Video Roll: The Future of Racing?
Posted by Will on 5/17/2011 to Video Roll

Is this the future of racing?
Scion FR-S Spotted Prepped For The Nürburgring
Posted by Will on 5/16/2011 to Pride Performance News

Spotted in Nürburg, Germany, the Scion FR-S in its cloak swirlies prepped for some Nürburgring testing.
Spotlight: Tuning With Xenocron
Posted by Will on 5/6/2011 to Pride Performance Builds

Here at Pride, our goal is to provide the best possible service available. With any build, big or small, quality parts are the foundation for a properly built car. The most important element to complete a build is the tune. 

If you're familiar to the Honda scene, one of the top known names in Honda tuning is Xenocron.
HKS USA No More...?
Posted by Will on 4/28/2011 to Pride Performance News

In my previous post I finished off with "Could it possibly get worse? I don't know about you, but I'm certainly afraid to ask..." and just as I clicked submit, I get hit with this... 
Best Motoring & Hot Version CANCELLED
Posted by Will on 4/28/2011 to Pride Performance News
Best Motoring and Hot Version Over?... 

Scion FR-S Spotted In NYC!
Posted by Will on 4/21/2011 to Pride Performance News

The Toyota FR-S Concept has been spotted in NYC wearing the Scion badge. Captured from the NYC Intl Auto Show, each variation of the FR-S is looking better and better.
Pride Visits Honda Day @ Atco Raceway
Posted by Will on 4/19/2011 to Pride Performance Events

Pride Performance visits Honda Day
Video Roll: Lexus LFA On The Dyno
Posted by Will on 4/12/2011 to Video Roll

Crank up the volume and listen!
Tsunami Warning After 7.4 magnitude Japan Quake
Posted by Will on 4/7/2011 to Pride Performance News

Japan was rattled by a strong aftershock and tsunami warning Thursday night nearly a month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami flattened the northeastern coast.

Video Roll: Drifting Semi?
Posted by Will on 4/5/2011 to Video Roll

12 time Pike's Peak champion, Mike Ryan, shows what he can do with his purpose built race semi. Shot at the El Toro Marine Base a.k.a. Ken Block's original Gymkhana location.
Video Roll: Ebisu Circuit Is Open For Business
Posted by Will on 4/1/2011 to Video Roll

We're happy to report that Ebisu Circuit is up and running!

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